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AEOLUS Tyres Co. Ltd. is one of the Platin Sponsors from the V.O.R. DongFeng Racing Team 2014 /2015

“AEOLUS means “God of the wind”; therefore such an opportunity for the sponsorship fits excellent to our companies aim “sailing very strong
towards the right direction”! explained Thomas Wohlgemuth, General Manger Wets-Europe during the press conference in Lorient (France).

“For such a sailing marathon you need durability to succeed and exactly this is one of our worldwide philosophies and brand positioning – what AEOLUS named: „Technology Meet´s Performance“.”

It boosts the aim to position the brand on top of the business segment. AEOLUS will be one of the global brands, best and green tyre manufacturer throughout the world with Top Quality.

What does that mean?

Performance to the Limit… the V.O.R is taking place on the highest quality level you can get in terms of equipment, human performance, boats, etc. plus Teamwork till the Limit. Reaction and action from each member of the team and the team leader without losing the big target! The crew has to master day by day new and very huge challenges! Mission and success is part of the AEOLUS company philosophy. We are looking for strong partnerships and we offer products and services on top premium level!

The V.O.R. combines all attributes a company as AEOLUS Tyre need to have success in a worldwide business as an global player, such as high performance, durability, uncompromised quality, challenging tasks, world leading equipment and a hardworking and highly professional crew.

Why is AEOLUS sponsoring Dongfeng Race Team?

AEOLUS Tyres and Dongfeng have a very long and valuable business partnership. It lasts over decades now. As a strategic partner AEOLUS Tyres would like to strongen this partnership outside of the normal day by day business. Furthermore and together with the second Platinum Partner it is a great opportunity to represent China as a country and our company AEOLUS Tyres on a worldwide platform with excellent reputation. It is demonstrating our worldwide ambitions to be one of the leading companies in our business segment. It will help a lot to increase our reputation in China and in all other region throughout the world… side on side with Dongfeng.

Sean O’Connell Tyres are the sole importers of Aeolus tyres in Ireland, for retail or wholesale enquiries please call us on 021-4776130 & 087-2790912


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