Maserati to equip Ghibli with tyres from Continental

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Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati has approved the ContiSportContact 5 tyre for the new Ghibli saloon. This is the second approval that the tyre specialist from Hanover has received from the maker of thoroughbred sports cars, following approvals for the Quattroporte last year.

Continental will now manufacture the ContiSportContact 5 in eight sizes between 18 and 21 inches for the Maserati Ghibli. To distinguish it from other versions of the premium sports tyre, the original equipment models for the Italian sports saloon will feature the “MGT” marking on the side wall.

The Ghibli will be fitted with the ContiSportContact 5 in size 235/50 R 18 97 Y, with the axles on more powerful models fitted with 19, 20, and 21-inch tyres. Wider tyres will be fitted on the rear axle of the Ghibli to ensure that the sports saloon delivers high performance on the road with precise handling. The product range starts with tyres from 18 inches, and models with more powerful engines of up to 410 hp will be fitted with ContiSportContact 5 tyres in sizes 245/35 ZR 21 96 Y XL on the front axle and 285/30 ZR 21 100 Y XL on the rear axle. The tyres for the Ghibli are approved for speeds of up to 198mph.

With the ContiSportContact 5, Continental’s engineers have developed a tyre which is suitable for performance cars and represents a significant progression on the successful ContiSportContact 3. With shorter braking distances in all weather conditions, excellent road grip, safety when cornering and reduced fuel consumption, the ContiSportContact 5 offers the ultimate performance choice. Continental supplies the leading automakers with this tyre as original equipment for their high-end sports models, while prominent tuning companies and sports car manufacturers also rely on the ContiSportContact 5 engineered in Hanover.

Sean O’ Connel Tyres is a leading importer of Continental Tyres into Ireland, supplying the retail trade in Cork and Wholesale Trade Across The country.


unnamed (7)Continental’s ContiSportContact 5 has taken top spot in this year’s summer tyre test from the UK’s monthly title evo.

The evo summer tyre test celebrates the best of the best in the summer tyre market, revealing the most inspirational must-have products. The awards highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, desirability and value. They are seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval offering motoring enthusiasts confidence when looking for their next summer tyre purchase.

The evo summer tyre test pitted the Continental ContiSportContact 5 against eight competitor summer tyres in size 225/45R17. The awards recognised the ContiSportContact 5 across a broad spectrum, taking top spot for wet handling, wet braking and dry braking.

evo said, “There can be absolutely no doubt about our victor this year. With four wins it was a simply brilliant performance across the board. Whenever I got in the car with the Continental’s on, it proved a joy to drive, combining feedback with fantastic grip to give supreme confidence.”

Scott Benbow, Product Marketing Manager at Continental said; “We are delighted to have been commended by evo yet again. The ContiSportContact 5 has taken the summer market by storm, with several tyre test wins since its launch, reiterating our leading position for safety.”

With the ContiSportContact 5, Continental’s engineers have developed a tyre which is equally suitable for performance cars & SUVs and represents a significant progression on the successful ContiSportContact 3.

With Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions, excellent road grip and safety when cornering and reduced fuel consumption, The ContiSportContact 5 is available in a range of sizes from 17 inch upwards for cars and 18 inch upwards for SUV.

Sean O’ Connel Tyres is a leading importer of Continental Tyres into Ireland, supplying the retail trade in Cork and Wholesale Trade Across The country.








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AEOLUS Tyres Co., Ltd, one of the platinum sponsors of the Dongfeng Race Team visits the Volvo Ocean Race Village with guests from Europe and China.

Volvo Ocean Race – soon not only a household name for insiders – is probably the leading team sailing race in the world. Seven teams will set sail from four oceans in five continents to offer all fans of this sport – and surely others too – the opportunity of experiencing this sport and especially the participants themselves, up close. In addition to the In-Port Races, the teams and all sponsors will be present at the Race Village in sunny and windy Alicante.

The public and all invited guests are cordially invited to visit the Pavilions and gain information about the race, Aeolus and Dongfeng. Unlike many other “high performance” events – for example in motor sports – here, you really get together and experience the sport live and with all your senses!

Over almost nine months – making the Volvo Ocean Race the longest sports event in the world ever – the first leg extends from Alicante to Cape Town. The race starts on 11 October 2014, continuing via Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Auckland, Itajai and Newport, then returning to Europe via Lisbon and Lorient; Gothenburg is the final port of the race at the end of June 2015.

Aeolus Tyres Co. Ltd., a platinum sponsor of the Dongfeng Race Team, visited the opening event in Alicante (Spain) with more than 80 guests from Europe and China. Chairman Mr Wang Feng travelled to the event with a delegation from China. During the press conference Mr Wang stated that: “We are proud of having this team together with our partner Dongfeng! We share the same principles for success. The will to succeed, discipline, endurance and team spirit are all part of the way to success. Good products are the result of high performance and continuous development. The message connects us to this sport and the team, whom we wish great success!”

“By experiencing this sport and especially the team first-hand, we feel and experience what we want to bring closer to our customers – also in daily operations. We say: “Technology meets Performance” – here, at the Volvo Ocean Race, technology and all facets of performance come together. Charles Caudrelier, the Race Team skipper has demonstrated an impressive performance in a few months. Together with Bruno Dubois, the Team Director, the Chinese, Swiss and French have become a real team. Languages have been learnt, cultural bridges have been built and an achievement has been made: the common will to succeed! The objective is to build a team only consisting of Chinese sailors, as was accomplished in the past with the Olympic sailing team. Of course, the players in the background, who support and accompany the team, should not be forgotten. I have deep appreciation and respect for them. With immediate effect, my team and I will “accompany” the race and all involved – however, definitely, or unfortunately – not on the oceans. Our guests are also very excited and share my views. It seems that we have succeeded in building a further bridge and in bringing the Aeolus brand, but also the products, a little closer to many people!” says Thomas Wohlgemuth, General Manager West-Europe, at the event in Alicante.

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AEOLUS Tyres Co. Ltd. is one of the Platin Sponsors from the V.O.R. DongFeng Racing Team 2014 /2015

“AEOLUS means “God of the wind”; therefore such an opportunity for the sponsorship fits excellent to our companies aim “sailing very strong
towards the right direction”! explained Thomas Wohlgemuth, General Manger Wets-Europe during the press conference in Lorient (France).

“For such a sailing marathon you need durability to succeed and exactly this is one of our worldwide philosophies and brand positioning – what AEOLUS named: „Technology Meet´s Performance“.”

It boosts the aim to position the brand on top of the business segment. AEOLUS will be one of the global brands, best and green tyre manufacturer throughout the world with Top Quality.

What does that mean?

Performance to the Limit… the V.O.R is taking place on the highest quality level you can get in terms of equipment, human performance, boats, etc. plus Teamwork till the Limit. Reaction and action from each member of the team and the team leader without losing the big target! The crew has to master day by day new and very huge challenges! Mission and success is part of the AEOLUS company philosophy. We are looking for strong partnerships and we offer products and services on top premium level!

The V.O.R. combines all attributes a company as AEOLUS Tyre need to have success in a worldwide business as an global player, such as high performance, durability, uncompromised quality, challenging tasks, world leading equipment and a hardworking and highly professional crew.

Why is AEOLUS sponsoring Dongfeng Race Team?

AEOLUS Tyres and Dongfeng have a very long and valuable business partnership. It lasts over decades now. As a strategic partner AEOLUS Tyres would like to strongen this partnership outside of the normal day by day business. Furthermore and together with the second Platinum Partner it is a great opportunity to represent China as a country and our company AEOLUS Tyres on a worldwide platform with excellent reputation. It is demonstrating our worldwide ambitions to be one of the leading companies in our business segment. It will help a lot to increase our reputation in China and in all other region throughout the world… side on side with Dongfeng.

Sean O’Connell Tyres are the sole importers of Aeolus tyres in Ireland, for retail or wholesale enquiries please call us on 021-4776130 & 087-2790912